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*NOMINATIONS CLOSING SOON* mtn-i Asia-Pacific Awards


You can still nominate or pitch deal, dealer or issuer achievements in the following categories:

  • Deals of the Year
  • Investor Solutions
  • Rising Stars
  • Dealers & Issuers of the Year
  • Power Performers
  • Market Future

You have until 31st August to:

  • Submit your nominations
  • Arrange a conference call to pitch with the mtn-i team

Email your submission to or call us on +44 (0)20 7437 1331.

Save the date to celebrate:

18th October 2018 – Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

We are currently running a 10% early-bird discount on all bookings.
Email to book your table now!

Announcing mtn-i’s 1st Uridashi Awards!


Announcing mtn-i’s 1st Uridashi Awards!

Since 2001 mtn-i’s news and data has revealed Uridashi buyers to be the planet’s most adventurous equity, FX, SRI and even weather-linked bond buyers. And one of the most reliable sources of cost-effective capital for international SSA and FIG issuers.

We’ve recognised numerous Uridashi deal, issuer, dealer and distributor achievements in our mtn-i Asia-Pacific Awards since their inception in 2010.

Now in honour of the market’s value and importance to issuers and investors and ongoing innovation, we are proud and excited to announce the launch of our 1st mtn-i Uridashi Awards.

Nominations are now open in the categories below. We will be presenting awards to the winners at a special reception in Tokyo on October 23rd.

The Uridashi Awards complement mtn-i’s newly enhanced news and Uridashi data platform, which already features over 11,000 deal records totalling over USD350bn-equivalent of sales.


  • Deals of the Year *
  • Issuer of the Year
  • Dealer of the Year
  • Investor Solutions
  • Power Performers
  • Rising Stars **
  • Structurer of the Year
  • Digital Distributor of the Year
  • Market Future Award

* Structured, vanilla, green and SRI are all eligible
** Manufacturers, issuers, dealers and distributors are eligible

Inspire us!

We look forward to receiving your pitches and to celebrating with you the Uridashi market’s bestachievements and innovations in 2018.

How to pitch!

We welcome your ideas and inspiration in any format. We particularly enjoy pitch calls to discuss your nominations.
Pitches must be complete by 21st September.

Contact us!

Email or call us on +44(0) 20 7437 1331 to book a pitch or if you have any questions about the awards.

Let $100 billion of Uridashi Data Help You!

The mtn-i news, data and analytics platform has reported over USD100bn of Uridashi deals since 2015– including extensive coverage of supranational issues.

They include over 5,000 structured and vanilla trades across 6 asset classes, 19 product types and 12 currencies.

Access our system and use its powerful analytical tools to explore ideas and support your pitch – email now for a free trial and tutorial.

And stay up to date with the latest Uridashi marketing filings and deal pricings with our daily news, data and analytics.

Start receiving these now! Email for access.

And thank you!

We are all very excited and honoured at mtn-i to be deepening our coverage and recognition of the Uridashi market.

Thank you so much for your time and attention and taking part.

Please reach out to me or our Tokyo-based colleague Reiko Terakawa ( / +3 103 4810 3248)

We’d love to hear from you.

mtn-i 第1回売出し債券アワード

Click here to view this email in English

mtn-i 第1回売出し債券アワード


さて、弊社 mtn-i は 2001 年以降、皆様に提供しておりますニュース及びデータを通して 売出し債券市場の投資家の皆様がグローバルで革新的な株、 FX、 SRI そして世界初の気候連動債券の投資家であることを明らかにして参りました。 また、この市場は価値ある資金調達源の一つとして国際的な SSA や FIG といった発行体の皆様に注目されております。

弊社は 2010 年より毎年、そのような皆様や皆様のご実績を『 mtn-i アジアパシフィックアワード』にて表彰させて頂いております。 本アワードにつきましては、皆様のお力添えをいただき、本年で 9 回目を迎えることができました。 売出し債のディールは本アワードの一部門として表彰させて頂いておりましたが、 この度発行体の皆様、投資家の皆様へ敬意を表しまして、 『第1 回売出し債券アワード』を挙行させて頂きたく、本日ご案内の連絡を致しました。
弊社のデータプラットフォームでは約 40 兆円を誇るディールが記録されております。
そのご栄誉をお称えしたく、授賞式は 2018 年 10 月 23 日に東京にて挙行させて頂く予定です。


日時: 平成 30 年 10 月 23 日(火)




  • ディール大賞
  • 発行体大賞
  • ディーラー大賞
  • インベスターソリューション
  • パワーパフォーマー
  • ライジングスター
  • 仕組債アレンジャー
  • デジタルディストリビューター大賞
  • マーケットフューチャーアワード

※ディール大賞 ・・・ 仕組債、バニラ債、グリーンボンド等の各種環境、 SRI ・ ESG 債などすべてが対象となります。
※ライジングスター ・・・ 仕組債アレンジャー、発行体、ディーラー、販売会社が対象となります。




※プレゼンの最終締め切りは 9 月 21 日(金)となっております。


call : +44(0) 20 7437 1331






mtn-i Summer Party Pictures

Over 60 market participants from some 30 institutions enjoyed catching up with colleagues and making new connections whilst taking in a panoramic view of the city from the Ace Hotel Rooftop.

Our Mexican friends at Nacional Financiera added a LatAm touch to the party while a newcomer from Fusion Asset Management entered the mtn-i circle.


If you couldn’t make it, we look forward to seeing you at an mtn-i event soon…

  • 9th Asia-Pacific Showcase & Awards – 18th October 2018, Hong Kong *NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN*
  • mtn-i MTN Market Christmas Party – 4th December 2018, London
  • 16th MTN Awards – 7th February 2019, London
  • 13th Americas Showcase & Awards – 4th April 2019, Miami

Dan goes to Washington!

Dan goes to Washington!

This morning our colleague Dan – he’s the good looking one on the far left – flew to Washington to seek Federal Drug Administration approval for clinical trials to cure Tay-Sachs disease which the CATS Foundation, the charity Dan founded, has pioneered.

It’s a pretty amazing achievement which is why we all got up super early yesterday morning to run the London Virgin British 10k with him for the CATS Foundation.

We’d be more than excited and grateful if you could click our MyDonate page and make a donation.

If you do we will call you and thank you! And put you on our special list of people to take out for a beer in Soho very soon!

Please click here!

Because you will be bringing the day closer when children born with this condition will grow up to live normal lives – which can’t be a bad way to start the week!

Inspire us! APac award nominations are open!

Inspire us!

Across the Asia Pacific region, investor demand is booming and embracing an ever-broader array of credits, products and currencies in the MTN and private placement space.

Here at mtn-i the search is on to find the deals, dealers, issuers, investors, investor solutions, innovations and landmarks that will star in the Asia Pacific Showcase and Awards this October.

Alongside traditional deepening and diversification of these capital pools, appetite for socially responsible and green initiatives are changing issuer and investor behaviour.

And Fintech innovations are poised to change how issuers, dealers and investors interact!

With your engagement we can’t fail to produce an inspirational and informative showcase for you and your clients.

So pitch us!

  • Your Deals
  • Your Investor Solutions
  • Your Rising Stars
  • Your Dealers of the Year
  • Your Issuers of the Year
  • Your growth stories and trends
  • Your visions for how Asia’s private debt markets will evolve!

We welcome your contributions in any format, face to face, on a call or even via blockchain.

PITCH DEADLINE: 31st August 2018

  • Book your pitch call / meeting at or +44 (0) 20 7437 1331
  • Save the date to celebrate: 18th October 2018 – Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong We are currently running a 10% early-bird discount so book your table now!
mtn-i APac 2018, Save the Date 18th Oct

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