mtn-i hits £20,000 fundraising target
for Kids Company

We are really proud and excited to tell you that we have hit the £20,000 target we set for our first year of fundraising for Kids Company.

That’s largely thanks to the amazing generosity of many MTN individuals and MTN institutions who have supported our various fundraising initiatives during 2014.

Why Kids Company?

It’s also due to how deeply moved and inspired we and our MTN market friends and clients have been by the work that Kids Company does to turn around the lives of neglected, abused and traumatised children in the UK. It seems unbelievable that at the heart of our very wealth nation, 85% of the children in contact with the charity rely on Kids Company for their main meal of the day, 50% say they often go to bed hungry and 40% report witnessing or being involved in at least one traumatic event including stabbings, shootings and rape. And these are children who astonishingly don’t qualify for the help of the care system or social workers.

Kids company is not just a life line for these children, it turns their lives around. Studies show the most frequently reported outcome of children’s involvement with Kids Company is a feeling of confidence and happiness. It’s neuroscience based, unrelenting love based approach is delivering 90% success rates in reducing involvement in crime, substance mis-use and getting children back into education. These facts and some inspirational meetings with Kids Company’s visionary founder Camila Batmanghelidjh helped us to raise twice as much for a charity this year than every before, with the MTN market’s very active and generous support and encouragement to spur us on, and here’s how we got there!

In February at our 11th awards dinner we raised a record £6,500 at our auction after hearing the very moving and inspirational story of a Kids Company child who had recently graduated from Oxford University with a 1st class degree in psychology and neuroscience and is now embarking on a PhD.

In August we raised a further £3,500 from our first MTN market Kayaking expedition up the Thames in which MTNers accompanied some children from the Kids Company Urban Acadamy and its summer play schemes on an arm breaking paddle against the current from Chelsea to Westminster.

In November we raised £7,500 sponsoring an exhibition of album art from Coldplay’s Ghost Stories at which we entertained some of the most generous MTN market supporters of Kids Company at the preview. We were rewarded by meeting Chris Martin!

In December we raised almost another £1,000 after we forwarded a letter I received from Camila Batmanghelidjh, Kids Company’s founder, appealing for donations to get behind the support they give children over Christmas and for whom Christmas Day can be one of the most difficult of their lives.

And yet until last Friday we were still a few thousand short of our target until over dinner with a US MTN market participant that is. Inspired by what Kids Company does he handed over a cheque for the shortfall of over $2,500. We can’t say who this modest donor is – but we are very grateful!

Thank you again to all of you who have supported us this year.

Watch out for news of our plans for more fundraising and fun with Kids Company in 2015.

Click here to find out more about Kids Company.

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