URGENT mtn-i Kids Company Appeal to give Christmas to 16,000 destitute London Children

We really need your help.

Until we started supporting Kids Company as our charity at mtn-i I had no idea that children in London are starving. I had no idea that so many abused and neglected children in the UK do not get social workers or taken into care or looked after by the state. For them – Kids Company is a lifeline.

That really surprised me. Because as a finance expert I know that London is one of the richest cities in the world and the UK is soon to be the world’s 4th largest economy.

What surprised me even more as an MTN market participant was to discover that these children are not eligible for support from any of the supra-national agencies or SRI bond initiatives that our markets raise funding for.

This means that Kids Company is the only hope for these children. Their only hope for Christmas and a future. Which is why I’m writing to you and forwarding to you a letter I just received from Camila, Kids Company’s founder.

She’s making Christmas happen for 16,000 kids in London who will not otherwise get food or presents this Christmas.

If you came to our mtn-i awards dinner in London in February you will have heard Flo Jumpp tell her story. Abandoned by her mentally ill mother, Kids Company helped her out of drugs and a gang, back into education and to Oxford University where she graduated with a first in Neuroscience. She’s now working on a neuroscience Phd that will help traumatised children. Kids Company not only feeds, clothes and turns around the lives of these children, it gives them a future.

I’ve met Camilla several times this year and on both occasions I’ve been moved to tears by the scale of her commitment to save every child that needs her help. I’ve also been really upset to discover that this year the UK government ended a commitment to support Kids Company with GBP4m a year. Not only does Kids Company look after 16,000 children in London alone, it provides a pioneering model for giving traumatised, abused and neglected children a road to recovery, but they are constantly trying to raise money to keep up with this sadly growing challenge. Kids Company should be scaling up and exporting its model to all the children in the UK that need help, instead they are fighting for financial survival. 

This is a charity that delivers to every child that needs help and then goes out and raises the money to keep going.

So please take a moment to read Camilla’s letter and if you haven’t already thought about a Christmas donation – please send something. I promise you – your money won’t be better leveraged for children this Christmas. I can also tell you that because I know from personal experience in my early life why what Kids Company does is so important and why it works.

You can donate by bank transfer directly to Kids Company (call us on +44 74371331 or email ross@mtn-i.com for details) or via the mtn-i Charity Page or even simpler, TEXT ‘MTNI66’ with he amount to 70070

Thank you and Happy Christmas.
Founder & CEO, mtn-i.

Dear Mike,

I’m writing to you in my capacity as the founder of Kids Company (Keeping Kids Company 1068298). We work with some of the most traumatised children and young people, the majority of whom have been sexually and/or physically abused. For 4,000 of them Christmas day is one of the most difficult days of their lives. In fact, during December, in the process of dreading it, many of our young people used to attempt suicide.

That’s why we decided to generate a party on Christmas day that they could look forward to. It helps reduce their shame of not having a loving family or presents. So Kids Company staff give up their own Christmas to act as a substitute family for the kids. In partnership with some 300 volunteers, we create the best party in town with food, face painters and presents, as well as nourishment to take home.

As there is no public transport, we have to pick up and return the kids to their estates by cab. The drivers have to be police checked. Throughout the festive season we provide emergency child protection, mental health and food cover. All this takes money and right now we need a bit more help to be able to function as a Christmas sanctuary for our children.

So I’m wondering if any of your friends or acquaintances can help us with this. In addition to the 4,000 who are coming to us, we will be providing food bags for 12,000 of our poorest kids.

We are also registered with CAF America.

People could send us a cheque made payable to
Kids Company to 1 Kenbury Street, London SE5 9BS.

I’ve enclosed a short film about our Christmas campaign HERE and also a link to our Annual Report.

With huge love and best wishes,

Camila Batmanghelidjh
Chief Executive

T: 020 7202 2700 ext. 213

Visit seethechild.org or text I SEE’ to 63000 to vote for change on behalf of a vulnerable child (standard network rate, no donation taken).

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