Who ordered the Chuck Norris?

To protect the guilty we can’t say who was there – but this year’s mtn-i London MTN dealer drinks ended in a karaoke bar in the small hours of the morning!

All we can say is that the suspects are all among the gallery of pictures from the night you can now find HERE!

Over 60 MTNers from 26 institutions including quite a few impressively complete team turnouts began the night in the mtn-i Carnaby Street offices with nice champagne and canapés. 

Very civilised!

Once the mtn-i cellars where depleted the party moved on to Barrio Central on Poland Street. Have you ever been offered a Chuck Norris?

If a karate chop to the brain spring to mind – you won’t be surprised by instant brain damage the Chuck Norris can cause.

This probably explains why some of us – including some of the biggest names in MTNs – were howling Journey and Bon Jovi into a microphone at 2am…

We can’t wait for next Christmas!

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