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Meet these manufacturers in Miami
April 2020!

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Innovation and Inspiration!

It’s true you did miss the less than perfect weather that drove this year’s 13th Americas Structured Note Showcase & Awards indoors from our usual poolside location.

We hope you agree that it couldn’t dim the enthusiasm, innovation or inspiration that delegates, speakers and award winners brought from 40 leading institutions.

A turn-out that included every leading US and Canadian manufacturer and issuer from Barclays to the World Bank, plus key wire-houses, broker dealers and financial advisors.

Structure Tech Stars!

For the first time we themed the event ‘Structure Tech!’ to embrace how technology is reshaping the industry and demand, and is emerging as an investment theme in itself.

SIMON, HALO and LUMA senior execs revealed the impact they are having on market growth and investor penetration.

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Pitch Stars!

Our 10 Pitch Stars also explored the theme including legal and regulatory perspectives as well as rapidly growing investor demand for tech related underlyings themselves and top market trends, Monetizing Volatility, Light Rate Structures, Complex Rate Structures. Buyside incites included the investing behaviour of top athletes!

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Out of His Box!

And strategist, mtn-i contributor, Bloomberg Prophet and CNBC star Mark Grant opened the showcase with his views on the investor opportunities that 5G brings and some fascinating perspectives on the impact of Brexit on England Law securities issued throughout the Eurozone and the Fed‘s recent behaviour.

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Get Investing Tech!

Demand for Structured Notes linked to Tech underlyings have surged over the last five years, peaking in 2018/19. And just 7 stocks account for most of that demand!

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Trending Structures!

mtn-i’s Americas Editor, Ed Clark explored the Top 10 yield themes that drove more deals than any other and the focus of our 2019 Award recognitions.

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Awards Night!

JP Morgan‘s Asuka Nakamura and Shane Meyer receiving mtn-i’s 2019 Americas Manufacturer of the Year Award at the Awards Night Dinner.

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The World Bank‘s Senior Financial Officer, Akinchan Jain, mtn-i America’s 2019 Issuer of the Year.

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