***DEADLINE EXTENDED*** mtn-i Americas Structured Note Awards

You now have until March 6th 2015 to:

  • Submit your nominations
  • Arrange a conference call to pitch with the mtn-i team

We have now extended the deadline for you to pitch your deals and institutional activities over the last year for the mtn-i Americas Structured Note Awards.

You are invited to nominate or pitch deals, dealer or issuer achievement in the following categories.

  • Deals of the Year
  • Investor Solutions
  • Rising Stars
  • Dealers & Issuers of the Year

The mtn-i team will be considering submissions and hearing your pitches in supporting meetings and conference calls until March 6th, after when winners will be decided.

Email your submission and book a pitch conference call to awards@mtn-i.com 
or call us on +44 (0)20 7437 1331.

Need some inspiration? Check out the winners from 2014.


What are the categories?

Deals of the Year – trades which opened markets to new buyers or new issuers, or deals which packaged new payoff and underlyings.

Investor Solutions – new funding solutions for borrowers. They could be the biggest deals of the year or or they could be a small deal that seeded the start of a new trend.

Rising Stars – highlighting newly emerging players in any structured note category.

Dealers & Issuers of the Year – dealer, issuer or investor initiatives, business launches, market leadership, innovations – any inspirational performance or pioneering venture across the Americas’ structured note markets is eligible for nomination.

If you have any questions about our categories or your eligibility for this awards event please email awards@mtn-i.com.

How do we enter?

  • Deadline for submissions is March 6th 2015. Your submission may be a presentation or deal candidates.
  • Book your conference call or meeting by emailing awards@mtn-i.com or call us today on 
    +44 (0)20 7437 1331
    . The mtn-i editorial team will always independently review our comprehensive data and daily US Structured Note reports for ideas. So a termsheet, data disclosure or a nudge in the right direction might be all that’s required to get our
    attention and recognition.
  • Save the Date: April 23rd 2015, Miami.
  • Think about clients & colleagues to celebrate with on the night!

See last year’s photo Gallery HERE

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