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Crowned the “go-to Americas Structured Product Event” for meeting clients and finding new business by attendees in 2011.

Over 100 buy-side and over 90 product-side delegates drove record turnout last year.

Client networking across 7 sessions of Speed Networking and informal socialising.

6 Showcases spotlighting products, issuers, investors, strategies, analysis & trends.

Powered by the strength of mtn-i’s global real-time structured products data, analysis and high-level relationships with dealers, issuers and investors.

The “Go-to” Event for over 100+ clients

Feedback from last year’s Americas Structured Note Showcase, Awards and
Investor Summit crowned it as “the ‘go to’ Americas structured note event”
for meeting clients and finding new business!

That’s because our event is structured around creating opportunities to engage
with clients – over 100 of them last year. From our structured networking programme
to our colour coded badges and photo profile attendee directory – mtn-i Miami goes
the extra mile to make sure you can network with new and existing clients and generate
business opportunities.

We are gearing up for another year of record attendance at our 6th mtn-i Americas
Structured Note Showcase, Awards and Investor Summit because our client networking
programme and our business-focused showcases keep attracting more and more
attendees and opportunities.

So make sure you “go too”. Email: to register.

More clients!

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Incapital’s opening night reception launches the 6 strong networking series


72 institutions were represented by nearly 200 attendees driving last year’s record attendance.

60 investors from 36 institutions including Federally Insured Savings Network,
Guggenheim Partners, General Re and Wells Fargo Advisors.

9 funding executives from four of the leading third-party issuers, including the World Bank,
SEK and Commonwealth Bank Australia.

22 wholesalers and regional broker-dealers from eight key institutions, including Incapital,
FTN and Bank Hapoalim.

84 structurers and originators from 22 of the top Wall Street manufacturers, from
Bank of America and Barclays Capital to UBS and Wells Fargo.

Click here for the full list of attending institutions in 2011 and watch out for updates on
this year’s attendees in the countdown to this year’s showcase.

More time with clients!

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100 clients face to face with nearly 90 manufacturers and distributors at Speed Networking

This year we are giving you even more time across our three structured networking
sessions and three social networking events to connect and do business with clients.
You have told us that the time you get with clients is most valuable feature of our event.

The Networking Series

  • Opening Night Palm Grove Networking Party
  • Speed Networking Session 1
  • Speed Networking Session 2
  • Pre-Awards Dinner Palm Grove Reception
  • 3rd Americas Gala Awards Dinner
  • Networking Brunch and private
  • 1 to 1 meetings private meeting morning
  • Colour coded full profile attendee directory.

This year we are adding private 1 to 1 meetings at the final day’s networking brunch
to sponsor packages. New connections you have made during speed networking can
be turned into pitches and new business before you leave Miami. Click here to see
photos of last year’s events.

More Inspirational Showcases

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The World Bank, Swedish Export Credit and CBA star in the Barclays Issuer Showcase

mtn-i Miami is not just about clients. It is also about award winning products,
ideas, innovations and issuers.

The Showcase Series

  • Americas Structured Product Analysis Blitz
  • The Future of Structured Products Forum
  • Asset Class and Structured Product Showcase
  • Structured Products Issuer Showcase
  • Structured Products Investor Survey
  • 3rd Americas Structured Product Awards Showcase.

The latest market trends, products, issuers and investor research are showcased
across a series of showcases during the event. Our 3rd Americas Structured Note
Awards mean that the very best products, strategies, dealers and issuers will be
in the spotlight to inspire you. All hosted and powered by the mtn-i editorial team,
our half trillion dollars of US structured note data, analytics platform and our high
level global relationships with market leaders.

Showcase highlights for 2012

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Leading dealers, issuers and distributors honoured at the 2nd Americas Awards Dinner

In the countdown to the showcase we’ll be confirming yet another stellar line up of
presenters for each of the showcases – many of them revealing the cutting edge
ideas they’ve pitched for our 2012 America’s Awards. If you would like to participate
in one of the showcases email for further details. Here are the
programme highlights for April 19th:

Thursday 19th April 09:00 Americas Structured Products Analysis Blitz

A fast-moving 15-minute presentation by the mtn-i editorial team kicks off the
showcase with a blitz of hard data, graphics and league tables. It charts the US
market’s growth last year and across the past five years. Powered by mtn-i’s
half trillion dollars of US structured note data, the analytics will highlight the overall
trend trajectory and its hotspots across asset classes, payoffs, underlyings,
issuers and dealers.

09:15 The Future of Structured Products Forum

Visions of the market’s future, opportunities and challenges from its top manufacturers,
distributors, issuers and investors. As investor need for structured solutions continues
to grow. The market is reaching deeper and the market reaches deeper into retail.
Manufacturers and distributors are launching ever more sophisticated education, execution,
and client-focussed support systems which are bringing more transparency and liquidity
to investors. But as the structured products market advances on these fronts is it getting
the recognition and regulation it deserves? Are FINRA and the mainstream press striking
the right balance between scaremongering and responsible regulation and reporting?

10 00 Asset Class and Structured Product Showcase

Our event sponsors and leading manufacturers present their analysts’ views of the
outlook for 2011 in key structured asset classes and identify their best structured products
to capitalise on these across rates, equity linked, commodities, inflation and hybrids.
Delivered by the market’s leading manufacturers and featuring products shortlisted for the
mtn-i 2012 Americas Structured Product Awards.

14 15 The 3rd Structured Products Investor Survey Review

For the second year running mtn-i has been interviewing investors and investor
representatives to report back both their current perceptions of structured products and
their needs. We’ve talked to a representative range of investors across the Americas
including US-based private banks, wealth mangers, asset managers, county treasurers
and insurance companies. mtn-i presents and reviews the results to determine questions
such as what proportion of portfolios are retail and institutional investors allocating to
structured products? What products, underlyings and asset classes have joined or left
their buy lists? How are perceptions of structured product value, transparency and
liquidity evolving? What will drive more demand for structured products in each
investor category?

15 00 The Structured Products Issuer Showcase

The market’s leading client borrowers get 5 minutes to pitch their credentials as credits
and structured note issuers. Potential origination, sales and investor representatives ask
questions and give their feedback!

20 00 3rd Americas Structured Product Awards Showcase and Dinner

The very best institutional, deal, and innovations across the Americas structured product space revealed, explained and presented.

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