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2013 mtn-i Americas Awards

mtn-i 2012 Americas Structured Note Showcase & Awards Pics

March 29th

It’s time to get ready to pitch your deals and institutional performances for the mtn-i Americas Structured Note Awards!

You are invited to nominate or pitch deals, dealer or issuer achievement in the following categories. As ever, these broad categories are designed to reflect the diversity and flexibility of these markets. Market’s that thrive on the ability to innovate products and solutions. We don’t want to limit the possibilities for recognition!

  • Deals of the Year
  • Investor Solutions
  • Institutional Performances

Need some inspiration? Check out the winners from 2012

mtn-i 2012 Americas Structured Note Showcase & Awards PicsWhat are the categories?

LANDMARK DEALS – trades which opened markets to new buyers or new issuers, or deals which packaged new payoff and underlyings.
Or new funding solutions for borrowers. They could be the biggest deals of the year or or they could be a small deal that seeded the start of a new trend.

INSTITUTIONAL PERFORMANCES – Dealer, Issuer or Investor initiatives, business launches, market leadership, innovations – any inspirational performance or pioneering venture is eligible for nomination across the Americas Structured Note product and asset class space.
You can be as specific or expansive as you think fit.

EDITOR’S AWARDS – recognise performances, deals, ideas and initiatives which defy conventional categorisation.

mtn-i 2012 Americas Structured Note Showcase & Awards PicsHow do we enter?

Email or to submit an idea or presentation – or call us on +44 (0) 20 7437 1333 to discuss your ideas or book in your pitch call.

You can pitch by email, powerpoint and conference call.

Deadline for submissions is March 29th 2013. Your submission may be a presentation or deal candidates.

Supplement your submission with a conference call – this must be booked and held before March 29th.

The mtn-i editorial team will as always independently review our comprehensive data and daily US Structured Note reports for ideas. So a termsheet, data disclosure or a nudge in the right direction might be all that’s required to get our attention and recognition.


Since 2007 mtn-i have hosted over 800 attendees at out Americas Structured Note Showcase with some 340 dealers representing 119 institutions, 103 Regonal Broker Dealers from 53 institutions, over 100 Issuers representing 61 institutions and some 188 Investors representing 126 institutions.


We have a unique focus on client origination opportunities:

  • Pre-event cocktail reception
  • Speed-Networking sessions
  • mtn-i Americas Awards dinner
  • Client meeting post event brunch
  • Color coded full profile photo attendee directory.

mtn-i 2012 Americas Structured Note Showcase & Awards PicsSo get ready!

  • Save the date May 23rd
  • Nominate your deals, solutions and performances by
    March 29th
  • Booking, advertising & sponsorship enquiries: or call +44 (0) 20 7437 1331
  • Editorial enquiries or call
    +44 (0) 20 7437 1333

Here’s our photo album from last year’s
Showcase and Dinner.

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