Our 10th Anniversary Awards presented an opportunity to recognise not just the MTN achievements of 2012 but the whole decade.

Congratulations again on being a winner and we hope you enjoyed the big night as much as we did.

But winning isn’t just for one night!mtn-i Awards Signatures

We’d like you to keep on winning every day into 2014.

  • Win with every email you/your team send to clients for the next year with our Awards logo signature.
  • Win with every presentation you make to clients for the next year – with your individual award logo.
  • Win with every leadership advert your firm makes in the mainstream press – with your individual award logo
  • And keep on winning with your winners photo on your internal and external website and PR.

Get your licence, get your logos, get your images and get winning!

It’s a win, win, win, win, win for just GBP495.00

This means you are licensed to use all of these mtn-i logos, signature files and images in all your marketing across the globe.

And includes artwork and original images ready to go! So make the most of being a winner!

View our online GALLERY of images from the night and note the image numbers you would like to receive.

Then please fill in, sign and return this licence agreement to ross@mtn-i.com, and we will do the rest.

Go large!

Advertise in the 10th Anniversary Awards
edition of mtn-i magazine. Documenting all of the 2012 and Decade awards this special edition will also includes features on:

  • Credit: The New Credit Revolution. How new sub-sovereign sectors, unrated mid-cap corporates and sovereign nations are making capital market entries through MTNs.
  • Structures: Going long, going CMS. The jumbo sized ultra long rate structures and the new names hitting insurance company yield targets.
  • Strategy: The MTN movers and shapeshifters of capital markets. How re-invention keeps MTN desks in business.

Our Distribution: Sent to 5,000 of the worlds leading issuers, investors and dealers.

Targeted Bonus Distribution: For an additional fee, send the awards edition of the mtn-i magazine to colleagues and clients – spotlighting the importance of MTNs and Structured Notes and your own success.

Advertising deadline: 22nd March 2013.

Publication date: 29th March 2013.

For more information on advertising email ross@mtn-i.com or call us on +44 (0) 20 7437 1331.

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