Go to the 5th Dimension
at the mtn-i AP Showcase 16.10.14

We’ve structured next week’s Showcase and Awards delivering everything you need to get up to speed with Asia’s top growth stories and the people driving them!

We’ve targeted Asian debt’s 5 fastest growing themes and we’ve crafted a 5 dimensional experience for you to find opportunities to deal them!

Our Top 5 Asian Debt Themes;

  1. CNH investor diversification – FRNs, Puttables and more…
  2. Chinese Bank funding explosion – Europe and Japan open up…
  3. Asia EM FX exploration – The carry trade driving INR and IDR take off…
  4. Multi Asset structuring for Yield – The hybrids driving the range accrual revival
  5. Credit diversification and yield enhancement via CLNs – from Bangladesh
    to Taiwan Power.

Next Wednesday’s 5D experience!

  • 1D  The DATA CRUNCHED – The top 5 trends in depth – Trend Spotting with mtn-i
  • 2D  The DEALERS – Hear from the award winning dealers driving these growth stories –
    Meet the Growth Accelerators
  • 3D  The DEBT ISSUERs – Award Winners Issuer roadshow – that delivered them already starring *Maybank*, *L-Bank* and *IFC!*
  • 4D  DERIVATIVES! – Hear the award winning structruers driving higher returns –
    The Yield Solutions Showcase
  • 5D  DATE and DINE! – Speed date “network” with every issuers, dealers and investor that could grow your business and celebrate with them at the Awards Dinner.

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5th Dimension on Asia’s fastest growing debt trends

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