*** mtn-i 2011 AWARDS INVITATION ***

Your nominations are invited for the mtn-i 2011 Global & European MTN, Structured Product and Funding Awards.

The charity auction at this year’s London Awards Dinner contributed to the GBP13,000 raised for GAVI since 2010.

Diary Dates:

Nomination Deadline: 5th December 2011

Pitch Week: 5th to 11th December 2011

Awards Dinner: 9th February 2012

Awards Magazine Publication Date: 9th February 2012

Dealers and issuers from over 40 institutions enjoyed this year’s night of networking and celebration.

Your nominations are invited

It’s time to nominate your deals and institutional performances for mtn-i’s 2011 8th Global and European MTN, Structured Product and Funding Awards.

We’ve announced and presented our America’s and Asia Pacific Awards in Miami and Hong Kong earlier this year. The European Awards are open to European issuers and European investor targeted solutions while the Global Awards are an opportunity to get collective recognition for your institution or your solutions across all three regions. If you consider that a 2011 America’s or Asia Pacific regional recognition has global importance it could also be be a contender for a Global Award.

This year’s awards dinner will again be held at the St Pauls Grange Hotel on the night of Thursday 9th February. Last year 140 dealers and clients representing 40 institutions celebrated the market’s achievements on the night. As you can see from the photos, issuers, dealers and their clients greatly enjoyed the chance to catch up face to face and were entertained by host and presenter, writer and broadcaster Paul Ross. The charity auction raised another GBP3,000 for GAVI – the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation taking to GBP13,000 the total mtn-i has raised since 2010.

Click here for photo galleries from the 2010 London Awards dinner.

The St Pauls Grange Hotel Ballroom is once again the location for this year’s dinner with it’s stunning pillar of light in the atrium.

The Categories are…

You are invited to nominate dealers and issuers in each of the following categories for both European and Global performances.

  • Landmark Deals
  • Investor Solutions
  • Institutional Performances
  • The Editor’s Award

Non-syndicated vanilla and structured MTNs and debt private placements are eligible.

Who and what can win?

Whether you are a dealer or an issuer you can nominate individual deals, strategies, innovations and your institution’s overall performance in 2011. Or of course all of these! We are looking for Landmark Deals, Institutional Performances, Investor Solutions and the Editor’s Awards. These broad categories are designed to reflect the diversity and flexibility of these markets. Market’s that thrive on the ability to innovate products and solution. We don’t want to limit the possibilities for recognition.

Click here this year’s America’s and Asia Pacific Award Winners and last year’s Global and European Award winners and magazine.

And the winner is!

Our goal as always – is to build a showcase of MTN, Structured Note and Funding achievement that spotlights how these markets have met the needs of issuers and investors in another difficult year.

Right now there are are so many genuine reasons for European and Global pessimism. But just as in 2008 Awards when across the market we found 100 crunch beating deals, strategies and performances – we believe that once again our awards can serve to highlight the valuable contributions this market is making in the latest phase of the crisis. So please pitch and prove us right! Not just for your own glorification but for the market!

Writer and broadcaster Paul Ross hosted and entertained this year’s awards dinner – mtn-i’s biggest ever.

How can you pitch?

It’s up to you. You can send us a list of deals and your thoughts. You can send us a power point presentation. You can pitch on the phone. You can pitch us face to face. You can call us up and bounce ideas around. We welcome any and all of these.

In the mean time the editorial team will be reviewing this year’s coverage, checking mtn-i’s key MTN and Structured Product tables and thinking about the big challenges of this year for borrowers and investors and which deals and institutions have met those.

Take these steps to award glory

  1. Check to see if any of your firm has already been given Landmark Deal and/or Institutional Performance Award recognition in 2011 at our America’s and Asia-Pacific Awards.

    Just click here to review all of mtn-i’s regional recognitions so far this year. 
    And from this same page – check out last year’s awards magazine to get an idea of the full range of deals and performances we typically recognise.

  2. Check the the mtn-i news, data and analytics platform at www.globalmtn-i.com to review and analyse for yourself the deals and news stories credited to you in the last year as an issuer or dealer. And make sure we have all of your deals. If we don’t, do please send us a spreadsheet with all your deals and we will add them to our data. This alone could help you win an award, though with so many interesting and innovative deals produced by these market’s every year your ideas about which we should consider could make a big difference.

    To make sure we have all your deals logon to www.globalmtn-i.com, type your institution’s name into the Issuer or Dealer Selector quick search box, set the date range and hit GO!

  3. Email peter@mtn-i.com for a password or password reminder and for any help you need finding your firm’s data, analytic’s and news stories. Just click here to access the mtn-i platform.

  4. List the deals, currencies, asset classes, products, issuers in which you rank as a leader, innovator, market share gainer. And explain how and why!

  5. List the innovations or leadership you have shown in execution, distribution, service as a dealer or issuer to investors. Where does your firm have the edge over your peers?

  6. Reach out to your awards coordinator and corporate communications team to get their support and the input of other parts of your business that serve your MTN, Structured Product and Funding efforts.

  7. Increase your chances of recognition by putting forward multiple deals and ideas. Sometimes the editorial team will connect themes, ideas and deals together in an award recognition – so don’t limit your chances! Email the resulting lists or presentation to editorial@mtn-i.com before December 5th.

  8. Book a follow up conference call or face-to-face meeting during pitch week, December 5th to 9th. Call Taz on +44 (0)207 734 2190 or email: editorial@mtn-i.com

  9. Reserve your table or seat at the mtn-i 2011 Global and European Awards Dinner now! Call Peter on +44 (0)207 437 0020. Make a provisional booking for the best positioned tables so that you are in pole position to enjoy the big night with clients if your firm does succeed. Award decisions will be announced at the beginning of January and you can confirm your booking then.

For table sponsors the night proved a unique opportunity to entertain and celebrate success with key clients – some of them winner’s too.

Should I pitch?

As every mtn-i award series has demonstrated – you don’t have to pitch to win. But when we sit down at our editorial conference and try to turn our long list into a short list – the extra insights you give us into the value of your achievements and your belief in them certainly helps. Nominations are open until the end of November and if we will be available to meet up for face to face meetings in the first week of December.

Categories defined

Institutional Performance and Investor Solution Awards

Dealers, issuers and investors are eligible for Institutional Performance recognitions in both the European and Global Awards categories. The Investor Solutions category puts the focus on products and delivery that have met the needs of investors and can recognise dealer and investment management performance.

We are looking for the strategies, execution and achievement that provided the most valuable funding, investment product and investment management solutions in 2010. It could be performance in a single asset class, currency, client group or market. Or it could be the strength of an institution’s delivery across the board that is recognised.

Leadership, excellence or innovation by issuers or dealers in any funding/product area can be recognised in this category.

Landmark Deals

The European and Global Landmark Deals awards will showcase the best MTN and structured notes in 2010.

Entries could be your biggest and most innovative structures or MTNs that have opened a new market, new investor access, inspired a new product sector, garnered global appeal or be an ingenious solution to a specific investor or issuer problem.

Editor’s Awards

This category is for performance that does not fit traditional segments or expectations in both the Global and European award categories. In the past, winners have included an innovative MTN programme that financed the funding of immunisation, a web-based retail MTN platform, a team raising funding against the odds, and an ultra-successful MTN dealing start-up.

Who can I talk to for more information?

Editorial: editorial@mtn-i.com

Mike Tims: 44 (0)207 437 1333 mike@mtn-i.com
George Matlock: 44 (0)207 437 1331 george@mtn-i.com
Seamour Rathore: 44 (0)207 437 1331 seamour@mtn-i.com
Katie Rowland: 44 (0)207 437 1335 katie@mtn-i.com

Data disclosure: editorial@mtn-i.com

Marcia Casal: 44 (0)207 437 1331 marcia@mtn-i.com

Awards dinner bookings and magazine advertising

Peter Kieth: 44 (0)207 437 peter@mtn-i.com

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