mtn-i’s 2010 Global & European MTN & Structured Note Awards

HSBC, The World Bank, GAVI and IFFIm recieve the mtn-i Editor’s award for Funding Immunisation at mtn-i’s 2009 Awards

From left to right: Michael Bennett, Principal Funding Officer The World Bank, Mike Tims, Founder and CEO mtn-i, Julian Lob-Levyt – CEO Gavi Alliance, Alan Gillespie, Chairman of the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm), Chris Jones, Global Head of MTNs and Co-Head of Rate Structuring HSBC.

Drinks Reception 18.30hrs
Dinner and Awards presentation at 19.30hrs
Thursday 10th March 2011
Grange St Pauls Hotel
10 Godliman Street, London EC4V 5AJ

  • Our Awards and events went truly global in 2010 and now recognise both global and regional achievements.
  • The Global Awards are the culmination of the three regional awards, and will celebrate achievements across all regions.
  • Two categories: European Structured Note and MTNs and Global Structured Notes and MTNs.
  • Global Awards: new elite category – a combination of the Asia/Pacific and America’s awards already presented and the best of our nominations for the European Awards and the Market Choice Awards.
  • European Structured Note and MTN Awards: put new focus on recognising European, North African and Middle Eastern products, distribution and issuers.
  • Awards Dinner
  • Awards Magazine
  • Landmark Deals of the Year: Celebrate innovative, groundbreaking, market changing transactions.
  • Institutional Performances and Investor Solutions: Recognises strategies and execution that have propelled issuers or dealers and their markets forward in the last year and products and solutions that met the specific needs of investors.
  • Editor’s Awards: Showcases institutions or initiatives beyond conventional categorisation. One European and Global Award will be presented.
  • Dealers and issuers: Pitch deals, innovation, leadership or achievement in structured notes and MTNs in Europe and globally.

The mtn-i 2010 Awards story so far…

The 2010 Global Awards

mtn-i’s 8th annual awards event on the 10th March 2011 will be our European Awards and Global Awards showcase. It follows in the wake of our debut Americas Awards presented at our 4th Miami conference in the spring and our 1st Asia/Pacific awards at our maiden Hong Kong conference in Autumn 2010.

This new Global Award category will showcase how structured products and MTN private placements delivered funding, investor solutions, innovative products and met both the opportunities and challenges for borrowers and investors across the globe in 2010. Achievements already recognised by our 2010 Americas and Asia Pacific Awards are eligible for the Global category, as are nominations for our European Awards.

The Global’s will recognise an elite handful of Institutional Performances, Investor Solutions and Landmark Deals that had genuine global significance in 2010 and beyond.

Global Awards include:

  • Global Landmark Deals
  • Global Institutional Performances
  • Global Investor Solutions
  • The Global Editors Award

The 2010 European Awards

Our new European MTN and Structured Note Awards category focuses exclusively on MTN and Structured product distribution involving European, Middle East and African investors, currencies, products and issuers.

European Awards include:

  • European Landmark Deals
  • European Institutional Performances
  • European Investor Solutions
  • The European Editors Award

Category Definitions

Institutional Performance and Investor Solution Awards

Dealers, issuers and investors are eligible for Institutional Performance recognitions in both the European and Global Awards categories. The Investor Solutions category puts the focus on products and delivery that have met the needs of investors and recognise dealer and investment management performance.

The Awards recognise strategies, execution and achievement that provided the most valuable funding, investment product and investment management solutions in 2010. Whether in a single asset class, currency, client group or market. Or the strength of an institution’s delivery across the board.

Leadership, excellence or innovation by issuers or dealers in any funding/product area are recognised in this category.

Landmark Deals

The European and Global Landmark Deals awards showcase the best MTN and structured notes in 2010.

This award recognises the biggest and most innovative structures and MTNs that have opened a new market, new investor access, inspired a new product sector, garnered global appeal or been an ingenious solution to a specific investor or issuer need.

Editor’s Awards

This category is for performance that does not fit traditional segments or expectations in both the Global and European award categories. In the past, winners have included an innovative MTN programme that financed the funding of immunisation, a web-based retail MTN platform, a team raising funding against the odds, and an ultra-successful MTN dealing start-up.

The Barclays Capital team collect their Market Choice Dealer of the Year Award

The Market Choice Awards

Once again our Market Choice Dealer of the Year and Market Choice Issuers of the Year decisions are based on research and polling of dealers, issuers and investors. There are three Market Choice Issuer Awards – SSA, FIG and Corporate and one dealer award.

Market Choice Issuers of the Year

These issuer awards recognise the most intelligent exploitation of global structured note and private placement demand in 2010. The category celebrates the quality of service offered to dealers and investors for both primary inquiry and buybacks, and also highlights how issuers differentiated themselves from peer group rivals in strategy, marketing and execution.

Issuer Categories:

  • Market Choice Sovereign, Supranational and Agency Issuer of the Year
  • Market Choice Financial Issuer of the Year
  • Market Choice Corporate Issuer of the Year

Market Choice Dealer of the Year

Structured notes and MTN private placements are continually evolving across asset classes, regions, products and currencies. Investors and issuers’ solutions are driven by the success of cross regional co-ordination and performance of research departments, swaps teams, structurers, MTN desks and distribution channels.

For our 2010 Market Choice Dealer of the Year we have looked for the firm that beat its rivals across these categories, globally. Our decision making has been guided by our annual survey of investors and issuers and analysis of mtn-i’s exclusive global MTN and structured note data.

mtn-i 2009 Annual Awards dinner, London February 2010

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2009 mtn-i 7th Annual Awards, London February 2010

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