The 10th Anniversary & 2012 Awards

Deadline 14.12.12

comp4_flattenedIt’s time to get ready to pitch your deals and institutional peformances for the 2012 MTN and Structured Note Awards!

In this our 10th Awards Anniversary we will be recognising not just your achievements as dealers and issuers in 2012 but across the decade. These special 10th Anniversary Awards will highlight the deals, institutions and people who have risen to meet the rollercoster of challenges and opportunites the last ten years have seen.

The 10th Anniversary categories:

  • MTN People of the Decade recognising the market’s innovators, influencers and opportunity originators across the dealer, issuer and investor space.
  • 10 Deals of the Decade illustrating the innovations that have hit the market’s highs and lows chosen from previous mtn-i Landmark Deal Award winners and will integrated into a timeline of the decade’s key events for issuers and investors.
  • Institutions of the Decade These will be chosen using our data, our previous recognitions and discussions with your dealer and issuer client counterparties.
  • SSA Issuer of the Decade
  • Corporate Issuer of the Decade
  • Financial Issuer of the Decade
  • Structured Note Dealer of the Decade
  • Vanilla MTN Dealer of the Decade
  • Structured Note Dealer of the Decade
  • MTN Dealer of the Decade

The 2012 categories:

You are invited to nominate or pitch deals, dealer or issuer achievement in the following categories. As ever, these broad categories are designed to reflect the diversity and flexibility of these markets. Market’s that thrive on the ability to innovate products and solution. We don’t want to limit the possibilities for recognition!

  • 2012 Deals of the Year
  • 2012 Investor Solutions
  • 2012 Institutional Performances

MTN night of the decade

Since our first mtn-i MTN and Structured Note Awards – presented over some lunchtime drinks at a London Press Club in 2003, our annual London awards event has grown into a celebrity hosted Awards Dinner at the glamorous Grange Hotel St Paul’s attended by over 150 issuers and dealers.

It’s not just the MTN night of the year for networking clients and peers, but fun! Do you remember Jon Culshaw’s performance of his Gordon Brown Rap – “Brown Like That,” at our previous awards ceremony?
Click here to see our brochure from last year’s event.
Click here for a Gordon Brown rap reminder!

It’s your night

As well as inviting you to consider attending, we’d love to hear what ideas you have to mark our 10th anniversary and which special guests you would like us to invite on your behalf.

So get ready!

  • Save the date 28.02.2013.
  • Nominate your 2012 deals, solutions and performances by 14.12.12.
  • Choose your MTN and Structured note People of the Decade and Issuers and Dealers of the Decade.
  • Think about clients and colleagues to celebrate a decade of MTN achievement with.

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