mtn-i’s MTN Award Winners!

Value Driving

2019 may have been a year of falling volume overall in MTNs and private placements globally – but volume has never been the overriding measure of value in mtn-i’s awards.

Influential Innovating

As we start a new year and a decade, it’s worth recognising that this is not just any new year or a new decade for global debt markets. Who could have anticipated the journey travelled by MTN and debt capital markets over the last decade or since 2000, the year mtn-i was founded. And thinking forward – where will the accelerating potential and impact of technology take us by 2030?

Across these two decades it’s been the defining characteristic of the MTN, PP and structured note markets to pioneer innovative solutions to market challenges and opportunities. As these awards illustrate – there are very few parts of the international debt markets left untouched by these entrepreneurial endeavours.

The Digital Laboratory

It’s a mark of how far these markets have evolved from an almost exclusive focus on innovative deal structuring at the first mtn-i Awards in 2003, to our upcoming 17th mtn-i Awards where MTN innovation explores how capital market business will be done in the future.

The innovative testing of new product, duration, issuer, investor and execution frontiers reaches across asset classes and regions. And not least in the digital space where the challenge and prize for capturing and mediating the transactional element is hotly pursued. The strides made this year in digitising debt markets in the private space couldn’t be more revealing of both the potential and the limitations of that digital opportunity.

The Influencers

The themes we’ve identified as market drivers for recognition are as significant as the recognitions themselves and will most likely influence the future of capital markets, both public and private. Indeed we’ve made further strides this year to make these pivotal growth and market trend themes both the driver of our decision making and how our awards are categorised.

In each of our theme categories our recognitions light the way forward for how issuers, dealers and investors are finding the greatest value and the most profitable collaborations…

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Celebrate success!

If you haven’t already booked your table or seat and invited your clients for the mtn-i 17th Global MTN Awards dinner on 6th February in London – call Shannon or Jenny now on +44 207 437 1331 or email:

It’s an unmissable gathering of the globe’s top borrowers, dealers, structurers, originators and MTN heads and a great night of celebration, networking and inspiration.

And Big Thank You

None of this would have been possible without the astonishing sharing of expertise, proprietary knowledge shared with the mtn-i editorial team in the last few months across hundreds of pages of PowerPoint, conference calls and face-to-face meetings. Engagement with mtn-i was calibrated with the more than USD600bn of private deal flow across almost 58,000 deals captured globally by our platform last year. As exhausting as this was at times and with the intense deliberations and research that’s followed in reaching this year’s decisions, we are once again humbly grateful for dealer and issuer engagements with our awards which we hope our decisions do justice to.

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