There’s still time to be an mtn-i
Institution or Person of the Decade!

We are extending our deadline for Nominations to: 19.12.12

We’ve had a fantastic response to the 10th Anniversary Awards from dealers and issuers. So much so that we will be hearing pitches late into next week!

We’ve also agreed some extensions to those of you who are travelling to see Asia desks at this time of year.

So to be completely fair to everyone we are extending the deadline further so that you can still pitch your Deal, Institution ideas for 2012 and the decade.

And don’t forget to tell us who you think are the MTN and Structured Note People of the Decade. Even if that’s your very good self!

So, if you have not already, you can still:

Editorial enquiries or call +44 207 437 1333
Booking and advertising enquiries or call +44 207 437 1331.

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