mtn-i’s 2018 Asia-Pacific Award Winners!

mtn-i’s 2018 Asia-Pacific MTN Awards reveal the region’s private debt investors buying into their broadest range of credits, currencies and innovative structures yet, while also pioneering digital distribution. And more than ever, they highlight the unique contribution that MTN private placements make to the incubation of innovation and pioneering of new capital market frontiers in the region and beyond!

Themes and Growth Targeted

We’ve put major emphasis on recognising the evolution of the most significant Asian capital market themes and growth trends across our award categories – cross-border and unrated corporate credit origination, the rise of Gulf bank and sovereign issuance, next-generation structuring solutions and digitisation, and the evolution of the green and social bond space among them!

One of the most striking aspects of this year’s awards is how many of the winning deals and performances combine these themes – underlining investor appetite for new stories! You’ll have the opportunity to be pitched these stories in person against the clock at our Asia-Pacific Showcase Lunch in Hong Kong on October 18th, before celebrating at the evening’s Awards Dinner.

24,000 Trades Crunched

The awards are the result of 25 presentations and conference calls with dealers and issuers pitching 150 deal and performance candidates! We put the mtn-i data platform’s analytic tools to work on the 24,000 Asia-targeted deals we’ve reported in the last year totalling a whopping USD240bn.

We also identified the region’s top 10 most important themes and growth trends so that we could calibrate the relevance of our decisions and balance selections overall. These were also helpful in resolving impassioned argument among the editorial team over our choices and will feature along with many of the winners in our Asia-Pacific Showcase on October 18th.

Disruptive Dealers

More excitingly still, beyond the economic and regulatory factors driving these diversifications, buyers are also reaping the produce of a ‘start-up’ culture at some investment banks in Asia. Where once newcomers chased the core flow business of dominant players, several of our awards recognise the entrepreneurial exploitation of niche global expertise and client relationships in new ‘disruptive’ investor solutions.

Natixis launched a raft of next-generation structures, including the world’s first Asian index for structured products. CBA led the World Bank’s landmark debut bond-i blockchain deal and collaborated with DTW on further ground-breaking green funding for Monash University. ING delivered an unrated corporate in green format in two Asian EM currencies.

Formosa Flows

While we’ve recognised the most significant innovation and exploration, the Awards embrace performance in the region’s biggest capital flows. Although not the biggest year in the Formosa markets history, a Deal of the Year award recognises its first sovereign issuer and biggest ever deal – Qatar’s USD6bn debut, along with a Dealer of the Year award for Standard Chartered’s leadership and innovation in the product and a Rising Star award for SocGen’s success in delivering Korean issuers and its rise up the rankings.

Meanwhile, the stratospheric growth and notable ambition of Export-Import Bank of China’s MTN output has landed the credit a Rising Star award.

Gulf Stream

The key role of Asian investors in funding Gulf banks and sovereigns’ USD18bn in private debt over the last year is reflected across an Issuer of the Year award for Qatar National Bank and three deal awards. Besides Qatar’s debut, these recognise both Emirates NBD and QNB.

Corporates Rising

Recognition of the USD21bn raised by over 70 corporates from privately placed debt in Asia in the last year is highlighted across five different award categories. They include Deal of the Year awards for Chilean mining company Codelco’s Formosa debut and a series of previously unseen corporates into key Japanese institutional accounts. An Investor Solutions award credits HSBC’s distribution of LatAm credits and a Power Performer award applauds Daimler’s pioneering leadership of China’s Panda private placement market.

Green and Social Blooming

A five-strong Deal of the Year series recognises the diverse evolution of both the green and the social private placement scene in Asia. This embraces SSA and corporate issuance, education and healthcare themes, growth in green Formosas, and multi-currency demand across AUD, CAD, EUR, and PLN.

Power Houses

Our Asian Debt Dealer of the Year award to HSBC recognises the depth and strength of the firm’s reach across Asian debt markets as well as the leadership recognised in its Deal of the Year and Investor Solutions awards. Our Asian Private Placement Dealer of the Year award for Credit Agricole spotlights its prolific cross-regional origination of credits spanning an unrivalled number of Asia’s key themes and growth trends.

Index Excitement

Finally, our Editor’s Award – reserved for initiatives whose impact extends beyond any series of deals – recognises the pioneering collaboration between Natixis (our Structured Dealer of the Year) and Korea Exchange in creating the KOSPI 3 Index, the first ever Asian index designed for structured products.

Inspiration Exchange

We are greatly looking forward to sharing the knowledge and inspiration researched and recognised by our Awards and our Winners with you at our 2018 Asia-Pacific Awards Showcase on October 18th. After the networking lunch in the Grand Hyatt Pool House our award-winning CFOs, Treasurers and deal makers will share their funding needs and structuring expertise in 5-minute power pitches. And after our own Top 10 trend countdown and key market panel you can speed network with them over tea. Later we’ll be celebrating with all our winners at the Awards Dinner.


And on to the Uridashis

Don’t forget! Our 1st Uridashi Awards will be held in Tokyo on October 23rd. There’s still time to pitch – nominations close September 21 st. Click here for more about the Uridashi Awards.

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