If it’s below-radar and cutting-edge, we’re on it!”
mtn-i’s real-time news, data and analytics platform provides global private debt market coverage, focused on MTNs, Private Placements, and Structured Notes.

Our news, awards and magazines spotlight the fastest-growing products, markets and key trends driven by product innovation and investor demand.

We bring together the dealer, issuer and investor expertise driving

these trends at our London, Miami and Hong Kong events – showcasing the ideas and the talent, recognising them with our awards and creating an interactive experience that inspires further new business.

In the near 20 years since it was founded by CEO Mike Tims mtn-i has been dedicated to creating transparency in private debt market, highlighting their value and bringing market participants together.



mtn-i is the market leader in reporting on the below radar-worlds of the MTN, Private Placement and Structured Notes markets.
  • EMTNs
  • Stand-Alone Private Placements
  • Formosas
  • Uridashis
  • Schuldscheine
  • Euro PPs
  • SRI/Green Debt
  • US Structured Notes
  • Canadian Structured Notes
  • Niche / Frontier Currencies
We cover the MTN, Private Placement and Structured Note markets across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, as well as Structured Notes in the Americas.”


Whatever your market perspective, we give you the tools to track and benchmark your position, competitors, clients and peers.”

Key selling points for all users:

Identify and track every issuer and investor transaction
Analyse volume and product trends across all market sectors
Benchmark performance via league tables from any perspective (product, asset class, currency, issuer or dealer)
Search data by any structure, asset class, maturity, issuer, dealer or combination of criteria and export to Excel
Set alerts for instant email notifications when products, asset classes, clients or competitors are active

Key selling points for dealers:

Discover competitor innovations and competitive bid opportunities, as well as their outcomes
Track issuer and investor clients’ activity
Monitor dealer, borrower and sector activity across SSAs, Corporates and Sovereigns, as well as sub-sectors such as Non-US Agencies

Key selling points for issuers:

Track peers’ access to investor demand and pricing – real-time or historically
Compare penetration of currencies, products and asset classes
Produce issuer league tables and dealer rankings by any criteria

Key selling points for other professionals*:

Follow volume and product trend and systemic risk accumulations across all or any part of the market in greater depth and detail than any other source
Review the market via league tables from any perspective – product, asset class, currency, issuer or dealer
Monitor dealer, borrower and sector activity across SSAs, Corporates and Sovereigns, as well as sub-sectors such as Non-US Agencies
*mtn-i also provides services to investors, regulators, rating agencies, law firms, etc.


We do more than deal reporting at mtn-i. We spotlight and analyse the trends, the innovations and the fundamentals driving market flow.”
Real-time trade-by-trade reporting underpins mtn-i’s rolling coverage.

Intra-day, the editorial team hitting subscribers’ inboxes up to 10 times a day with Breaking News and Alerts which feed into comprehensive full day Asia-Pacific, European MTN and Americas Structured Note market updates.

Weekly Vanilla, Structured EMTN and Americas Reviews plus regular Canadian and LatAm reports which are all supplemented by our

Issuer Chats, mtn-i news stories complement the daily reporting putting each week’s flow into annual trend perspective.

Backed by mtn-i data, every news story is written by our dedicated real-time editorial team who combine over 70 years of market experience with long-standing market relationships.

Annual regional MTN Year Book and special report magazine series, provide longer-range perspectives and analysis.


Our simple and easy-to-use interface means you can strike at the heart of a data trend instantly.
The very powerful and versatile mtn-i data and analytics platform can crunch 43 trillion dollars of deals and 1 million+ deal records to meet any bespoke enquiry you need within seconds.

The instant full detail trade list, graphical trend analysis and league tables can be exported straight into Excel.

The search can be saved for future use and set as an alert for future trade activity.

Almost 20 years of deal reporting means mtn-i’s data set is recognised as the longest, largest and most comprehensive in the industry.

  • Run reports
  • Save your search
  • Download the data
  • Read previous reports
  • Search reports by market
  • Change your alert preferences
  • Read all mtn-intelligence magazines
  • Download reports to PDF
  • Access mtn-iTV
Our new mtn-iTV feature includes interviews with issuers and dealers discussing the latest market trends.

This exciting new initiative complements our extensive coverage of the MTN, Private Placement and Structured Notes markets.

See mtn-iTV here.


Published in sync with our three regional showcase and Awards events in the Americas, Europe and Asia and accessible to all subscribers of mtn-i.com in the mtn-intelligence area of our data platform, these publications provide regular regional and global feature content plus write ups from the most recent mtn-i awards, league table and event image galleries.

For more about mtn-i publications email mags@mtn-i.com or call us on +44 20 7437 1331.

See the publications gallery here.


We’ve been analysing and recognising MTN market performance with our MTN Awards since 2003, before launching our Americas and Asia Pacific Awards in 2010.

We started with traditional award and conference style events, but we’ve evolved our own Showcase and Award format over the last decade, designed to create an optimal mix of trends, innovation sharing, and structured networking between market leading issuers, dealers and investors.

Over coffee at the end of a 5* networking lunch the editorial team present our Top 10 Trends and Growth Stories, a dozen Award winners make 5 minute pitches of their ground breaking deals and innovations. During the showcase market leaders and their clients continue to enjoy a casual atmosphere until colour coded speed-networking over tea gives everyone the opportunity to meet and greet an award winning counterparty and line up their next trade! The evening’s award presentations and celebrations generate further opportunities for client origination.

London, Hong Kong and Miami are now key fixtures in the private debt markets calendar.

These events are supplemented by our Global, Americas and Asia-Pacific Year Books with feature articles, awards recognitions and league tables which are inspired by each Awards event, showcase and the year’s reporting.

MTN Awards


Americas Structured Note Showcase & Awards


Uridashi Awards


Asia-Pacific Showcase & Awards

Hong Kong

  • Over 100 institutions attended mtn-i events in 2017
  • Over 300 MTN, Private Placement and Structured Note market professionals attended our three Showcase events
  • Events enjoy global reach, bringing together the whole market


Our showcases spotlight and connect the best trade ideas with, investors, dealers and borrowers across the globe.
More than any other, private debt markets are a relationship business. mtn-i’s two decade presence in these markets means our calendar of social events are a hub for participants to socialise and network.

Our Christmas party in London, charity poker tournaments in London and Miami and summer drinks are not just a chance for the market to get together informally but also to raise money for our charities.

Along with the client entertainment and networking focus of our Showcases where speed networking is included – which is consistently rated excellent in all feedback – mtn-i has become recognised as a key facilitator for maintaining relationships across the MTN, Private Placement and Structured Note markets globally.


Socially responsible and green investing have been pioneered in private debt markets across the last decade and increasingly recognised in our coverage in our awards.

We’ve allied our charitable and social responsibility efforts with those themes, initially supporting GAVI, the vaccination charity – itself financed by client MTN market innovation.

mtn-i is genuinely a socially responsible company. We believe our company has the talent and energy with our clients to make a real difference to the society we live in.

Our goal is to raise money and operationally contribute to our charities, engaging with our colleagues clients as both donors and volunteers.

Already with clients and colleagues we’ve organised and hosted several kayaking trips for vulnerable children, we’ve volunteered on week long therapeutic holidays for vulnerable children, and organised fun runs! See our charity events here.

We are close to raising our first £100,000 for charity. So far we’ve vaccinated numerous children through our involvement with GAVI, we’ve taken 60 children and 60 bankers on kayaking trips, we sponsored a south London food bank for 2 months last Christmas, we financed and volunteered for two annual therapeutic holidays for 120 children, and we’ve run 751kms to raise money for a ground breaking cure for a rare genetic condition.

Now our focus is supporting two innovative early stage charitable ventures where the impact of our funding and volunteering with clients can have the highest impact.

  • Thrive Inside deliver a mindfulness-based practice called iRest (Integrative Restoration) to prisons, military veterans and people caught up in addiction.
  • iRest Yoga meditation is a structured, 10-step form of mindfulness training, which has been adapted for vulnerable populations that may have experienced traumatic life events and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Thrive Inside help prisoners and prison staff to develop unique skills for feeling safe and calm in any situation, to make better decisions, and to live a life with meaning and purpose.
  • They currently work with prisoners and staff at HMPPS Lewes and Rochester.
Free to Be is a volunteer led charity established to support children and young people who are struggling with social or emotional difficulties, and to help create lasting change for vulnerable children’s emotional health. They work with disadvantaged children across London to rebuild self-esteem, boost resilience and to help explore challenging emotions and ways of managing. Free to be does this via a range of therapeutic adventures and countryside based respite residentials with an aim to open up a sense of adventure, freedom and possibility for children who are struggling, whatever life’s circumstances.

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