It’s a wrap! The APac Showcase/Awards photos and more…


Thank you so much to everyone who attended our 9th Asia Pacific Showcase and Dinner.

We sincerely hope you found both the Showcase and the Dinner a source of inspiration and new connections that will help you do more business in the coming year! Click here for the photos


A record-breaking 100+ guests represented 40 institutions this year representing many of the region’s most important issuers, investors and dealers. Here’s who came!


  • ABC Hong Kong
  • AIA
  • AXA
  • Bank of China
  • BNP Paribas Cardif
  • BPCE
  • Cathay Life Insurance
  • Central Nippon Expressway
  • China Development Bank
  • China EXIM Hong Kong
  • China Ping An Insurance Overseas (Holdings) Ltd
  • CLP Holidings
  • Fubon Financial Holding
  • Hontai
  • Kexim
  • Manulife
  • MTR Corporation Ltd
  • Power Assets Holding Hong Kong Electric
  • Prudential plc
  • Qatar National Bank
  • Samsung Asset Management
  • Shinhan Asset Management
  • SPDB HK Treasury
  • The World Bank


  • Citi
  • CITC CLSA Securities
  • Credit Agricole CIB
  • Halo
  • HSBC
  • ING
  • Intesa Sanpaolo SpA
  • JP Morgan
  • Jefferies
  • Natwest Markets
  • Nomura
  • Mizuho
  • Natixis
  • Societe Generale
  • Standard Chartered
  • TD Securities


We hope you agree that the Showcase Lunch was an invaluable look at the future of private markets in the region.

mtn-i’s Top 10 Trends spotlighted the hottest new growth stories and trends that drove our award recognition.

Our Key Market Panel reviewed the issuing windows created by the return of volatility, new Formosa market regulations and how demand for sustainability as an asset class is driving issuer and investor strategies.

And our stellar line-up of Issuer and Dealer Power Pitches – revealed a spectrum of innovative new investment technologies and opportunities – particularly in sustainability!

And at the Awards Dinner itself we presented our Awards in the event brochure and on stage by theme and trend for the first time – which we hope made all the clearer the market’s direction and momentum.


Click here for the Event Brochure

We’d greatly appreciate your feedback on both the Showcase and the Dinner – our goal is to create an event that is as valuable as possible – so please let us know what worked for you and how we can take things to the next level. Please click here for our quick feedback survey.

Thanks again for taking part this year and we look forward to welcoming you to a bigger and even better event in 2019 – our 10th Anniversary Asia Pacific Showcase and Awards.

Bulls Busted, Formosa Capped, Korea Rising, China Calling and more… The mtn-i Asia Showcase Lunch

As decade long debt and equity market rallies come to a nasty end – what better moment for some lunch and expert consideration of the fallout for Asia’s private debt market investors and issuers!

It’s this Thursday and there are still some passes left – click here!

Bulls Busted! The Fallout…

Our expert panel led by HSBC, Standard Charted, Credit Agricole and The World Bank will explore what challenges investors and issuers will face.

The mtn-i editorial team present the Top 10 Themes and Trends that have driven these markets and our 9th mtn-i Asia-Pacific recognition’s.

8 Award winning and market innovating SSA, FIG, and Corporate Issuers, alongside several leading Structures and Dealers will make 5 minute power pitches of their credits, products or strategies.

All this between networking lunch and afternoon tea, in the Grand Hyatt Pool House.

Could there be a more pleasant way to prepare for a bond market crisis?

Click here for the full agenda…

See you there!

*THE URIDASHI WINNERS* mtn-i 1st Uridashi Awards

Recognising Uridashi

mtn-i is delighted to announce the winners of the 1st mtn-i Uridashi Awards which we look forward to presenting at a reception at Moodboard Tokyo on 23rd October, celebrating the significance and success of the Uridashi market that these awards collectively honour.

An amazing 20 institutions made pitch calls or met face to face with our editorial team in London and Tokyo – a sign of the importance and enthusiasm dealers and issuers attach to the Uridashi market.

We weighed these with our own analysis of the market’s key themes, trends and performances, using the mtn-i data and analytics platform to crunch 1,500 Uridashi sales totalling USD33bn we identified in the last year – and reported in our daily news coverage.

Spotlighting success

The most exciting thing about these awards is the spotlight they cast on one of the world’s most established, deepest retail capital markets. Uridashi’s have featured in mtn-i’s international capital market news and data since 2001. Now at mtn-i Uridashi we are launching a dedicated news and data platform in which the Uridashi Awards will be a key component.

Our 1st Uridashi Awards reveal the range and depth of the market’s products, its issuers, dealers, and distributors. The recognitions span 5 structured asset classes, international and Japanese issuers and dealers and local independent securities houses.

World leadership

mtn-i Awards are always about revealing the value and relevance of private debt markets as sources of capital and yield solutions for investors and as incubators of innovation that often turns into leadership across global capital markets.

These awards reveal how much the Uridashi market really is a world leader as one of the longest established sources of international capital, a creator of yield solutions in a zero rate environment for a decade longer than any other economy and an investor base that has pioneered demand for Green and Social Bonds nearly decade before it became seen as the future of international capital markets.

The eponymous Mrs Watanabe and ultra-high net worth lower profile private wealth counterparts have such proven track records of FX and equity-linked structured note buying that there’s talk of indexing Uridashi buying habits as an asset management strategy in its own right. So we sincerely hope our recognitions pay appropriate honour to that leadership.

Categoric recognition

Our unique series of categories are designed to capture showcase capital market strength, depth, leadership and innovation.Traditional Deals of the Year and Dealers and Issuers of the Year are complimented by our Rising Star, Power Performer, Investor Solutions and Editors Award – so that we can reveal a deeper picture of value, potential and market direction.

Philanthropic leadership

Uridashi investor interest in philanthropic as well as economic returns has made it a longstanding leader in SRI investing – particularly social bonds – where appetite for bonds which directly save and improve lives has proved core to the global market’s development. This dates back as far as inspiring the success with IFFim’s vaccination bonds nearly a decade ago – funding credited by the WHO as saving the lives of 500m children. Today demand for Social bonds – the fastest growing SRI segment globally is strongest in Uridashi. It’s a decade long case study in the potential that capital market visionaries now see as the future role capital markets can play in saving and improving the planet and the lives of its inhabitants.

Visionary capital goals

This SRI goal for capital market influence is no better recognised than by our Editor’s Award to the African Development Bank. It’s visionary segmented and branded Hi 5 social development goals designed to transform the African continent thematically embrace most of the United Nations development goals. AfDB’s sale of 31 deals branded to Improve the Lives of the People of Africa emerged in size and currencies designed to meet and nurture the smallest pockets of retail investor appetite.

While in volume terms – SRI Uridashis are still a small segment of the market, our six SRI related awards reflect Japanese retail investor appetite for innovation and leadership in an asset class predicted to dominate global debt markets in the decades to come. At the cutting edge of innovation our Deal of the Year award for Monex’s Tokyo Temperature bond – one of the first globally to give investors returns driven by the impact of global warming in note format.

Across asset classes

More than half our awards recognise investor demand for yield enhancement through structured products. Fittingly the recognitions span our Deal of the Year, Investor Solutions, Rising Star, and Dealer of the Year and Power Performer awards won by MUFG and Tokai Tokyo respectively. They reflect the performance of the biggest dealers in these spaces and the strength of demand for FX, equity linked deals, the growth of new pay out types, the combination of structured asset classes in hybrid formats and even the reaching out into other product classes such as ETFs. The return of interest in the idea of rising rates is also recognised by several awards.

Capital access

As a source of funding, the Uridashi market has proved one of the most cost effective and consistently available pools of capital for decades. Our Issuer of the Year Award recognises cross asset class exploitation of demand that made MuniFin the most active third-party issuer of Uridashi in a year when MiFID II considerations kept some borrowers out of the market. We’ve also recognised purely vanilla fundraising for Toyota’s exploitation for renewed appetite for US dollar paper to the tune of more than USD2.5bn.

Celebrating Uridashi

Thank you so much to everyone who pitched for and advised us on these awards. We hope you agree that collectively our 1st Uridashi awards recognise and celebrate the significance of the Uridashi market itself – and that you will join us in that spirit at Mood Board Tokyo on October 23!

We look forward to seeing you there – and until then in our daily coverage of all Uridashi marketing launches and deal pricings here at

Click here to see all our award winners!

Click here to join the awards celebrations at Moodboard, October 23!

Click here to access mtn-i’s USD340bn Uridashi data and analytics platform, daily news, search and alert tools.

Meet Asia’s private debt leaders & innovators!

When so many of the world’s best funding opportunities are in Asia’s private debt markets, who better to get the inside track from than these markets’ leaders and innovators?

Join us in Hong Kong this month to hear from the World Bank, BPCE, Credit Agricole, HSBC, ING, Jefferies, Mizuho and Standard Chartered – an outstanding line-up of top market players from key institutions connecting the region’s deep pools of liquidity with international borrowers!

Covering the full range of Asian private debt opportunities – including the Uridashi, Formosa, SRI and MTN/Structured MTN sectors – our confirmed speakers include:

Also on offer:

  • mtn-i’s fully researched Top 10 growth trends
  • 5-minute pitches from pioneering dealers and issuers
  • lunch and speed networking with the region’s originators

So don’t miss our Networking Lunch and 9th Asia-Pacific Showcase & Awards in Hong Kong on 18th October. Email to book your delegate pass now!

Check out the showcase agenda here!

*THE 2018 APAC WINNERS* mtn-i Asia Pacific Awards

mtn-i’s 2018 Asia-Pacific Award Winners!

mtn-i’s 2018 Asia-Pacific MTN Awards reveal the region’s private debt investors buying into their broadest range of credits, currencies and innovative structures yet, while also pioneering digital distribution. And more than ever, they highlight the unique contribution that MTN private placements make to the incubation of innovation and pioneering of new capital market frontiers in the region and beyond!

Themes and Growth Targeted

We’ve put major emphasis on recognising the evolution of the most significant Asian capital market themes and growth trends across our award categories – cross-border and unrated corporate credit origination, the rise of Gulf bank and sovereign issuance, next-generation structuring solutions and digitisation, and the evolution of the green and social bond space among them!

One of the most striking aspects of this year’s awards is how many of the winning deals and performances combine these themes – underlining investor appetite for new stories! You’ll have the opportunity to be pitched these stories in person against the clock at our Asia-Pacific Showcase Lunch in Hong Kong on 18th October, before celebrating at the evening’s Awards Dinner.

24,000 Trades Crunched

The awards are the result of 25 presentations and conference calls with dealers and issuers pitching 150 deal and performance candidates! We put the mtn-i data platform’s analytic tools to work on the 24,000 Asia-targeted deals we’ve reported in the last year totalling a whopping USD240bn.

We also identified the region’s top 10 most important themes and growth trends so that we could calibrate the relevance of our decisions and balance selections overall. These were also helpful in resolving impassioned argument among the editorial team over our choices and will feature along with many of the winners in our Asia-Pacific Showcase on 18th October.

Disruptive Dealers

More excitingly still, beyond the economic and regulatory factors driving these diversifications, buyers are also reaping the produce of a ‘start-up’ culture at some investment banks in Asia. Where once newcomers chased the core flow business of dominant players, several of our awards recognise the entrepreneurial exploitation of niche global expertise and client relationships in new ‘disruptive’ investor solutions.

Natixis launched a raft of next-generation structures, including the world’s first Asian index for structured products. CBA led the World Bank’s landmark debut bond-i blockchain deal and collaborated with DTW on further ground-breaking green funding for Monash University. ING delivered an unrated corporate in green format in two Asian EM currencies.

Formosa Flows

While we’ve recognised the most significant innovation and exploration, the Awards embrace performance in the region’s biggest capital flows. Although not the biggest year in the Formosa markets history, a Deal of the Year award recognises its first sovereign issuer and biggest ever deal – Qatar’s USD6bn debut, along with a Dealer of the Year award for Standard Chartered’s leadership and innovation in the product and a Rising Star award for SocGen’s success in delivering Korean issuers and its rise up the rankings.

Meanwhile, the stratospheric growth and notable ambition of Export-Import Bank of China’s MTN output has landed the credit a Rising Star award.

Gulf Stream

The key role of Asian investors in funding Gulf banks and sovereigns’ USD18bn in private debt over the last year is reflected across an Issuer of the Year award for Qatar National Bank and three deal awards. Besides Qatar’s debut, these recognise both Emirates NBD and QNB.

Corporates Rising

Recognition of the USD21bn raised by over 70 corporates from privately placed debt in Asia in the last year is highlighted across five different award categories. They include Deal of the Year awards for Chilean mining company Codelco’s Formosa debut and a series of previously unseen corporates into key Japanese institutional accounts. An Investor Solutions award credits HSBC’s distribution of LatAm credits and a Power Performer award applauds Daimler’s pioneering leadership of China’s Panda private placement market.

Green and Social Blooming

A five-strong Deal of the Year series recognises the diverse evolution of both the green and the social private placement scene in Asia. This embraces SSA and corporate issuance, education and healthcare themes, growth in green Formosas, and multi-currency demand across AUD, CAD, EUR, and PLN.

Power Houses

Our Asian Debt Dealer of the Year award to HSBC recognises the depth and strength of the firm’s reach across Asian debt markets as well as the leadership recognised in its Deal of the Year and Investor Solutions awards. Our Asian Private Placement Dealer of the Year award for Credit Agricole spotlights its prolific cross-regional origination of credits spanning an unrivalled number of Asia’s key themes and growth trends.

Index Excitement

Finally, our Editor’s Award – reserved for initiatives whose impact extends beyond any series of deals – recognises the pioneering collaboration between Natixis (our Structured Dealer of the Year) and Korea Exchange in creating the KOSPI 3 Index, the first ever Asian index designed for structured products.

Inspiration Exchange

We are greatly looking forward to sharing the knowledge and inspiration researched and recognised by our Awards and our Winners with you at our 2018 Asia-Pacific Awards Showcase on 18th October. After the networking lunch in the Grand Hyatt Pool House our award-winning CFOs, Treasurers and deal makers will share their funding needs and structuring expertise in 5-minute power pitches. And after our own Top 10 trend countdown and key market panel you can speed network with them over tea. Later we’ll be celebrating with all our winners at the Awards Dinner.


And on to the Uridashis

Don’t forget! Our 1st Uridashi Awards will be held in Tokyo on 23rd October. There’s still time to pitch – nominations close 21st September. Click here for more about the Uridashi Awards.

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*NOMINATIONS CLOSING SOON* mtn-i Asia-Pacific Awards


You can still nominate or pitch deal, dealer or issuer achievements in the following categories:

  • Deals of the Year
  • Investor Solutions
  • Rising Stars
  • Dealers & Issuers of the Year
  • Power Performers
  • Market Future

You have until 31st August to:

  • Submit your nominations
  • Arrange a conference call to pitch with the mtn-i team

Email your submission to or call us on +44 (0)20 7437 1331.

Save the date to celebrate:

18th October 2018 – Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

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