How to pitch

While a formal submission and pitch is not a requirement to secure an award from mtn-i and our team conduct extensive analysis of mtn-i data on all market activity, it certainly strengthens any case and makes sure our team are fully informed before making final decisions.


  • You may submit in any convenient format (including Powerpoint, PDF, Word, term sheets or even email). Please detail the notes and/or activity you would like considered under one or more of our categories.
  • You may request consideration in any and all categories and may nominate as many notes and/or areas of activity as you feel merit consideration.
  • All notes and activity from 12 months prior to the date of submission are valid.
  • Once your submission has been received, we schedule a conference call or meeting (where possible) to discuss your pitch.
  • Once all pitches are concluded the mtn-i team will deliberate and announce winners within two weeks.


  • We emphasise that mtn-i awards are not for sale. While appreciated greatly, commercial support for our awards events does not give sponsors the right to any award.
  • Similarly, while we are always grateful for the opportunity to discuss your achievements, the fact of having made a submission and pitch does not guarantee any award.
  • To highlight the value that MTNs create for issuers and investors, we group our awards by the key market themes that stood out most during the period under review. Since we seek to align our awards with these, it may not always be possible to recognise achievements that fall outside our key themes.
  • All award decisions are a matter of our independent editorial judgement. We may recognise achievements in different categories than they are pitched in. We may also choose to combine recognitions of multiple institutions into a single award where we judge that this is most appropriate.


We offer broad award categories to reflect the diversity and flexibility of these markets. As MTNs thrive on the ability to innovate new products and solutions, we aim to avoid limiting the possibilities for recognition.

  • Deals of the Year – notes that opened new areas of the market or brought new buyers or issuers, or which packaged new payoffs and/or underlyings
  • Dealers & Issuers of the Year – all forms of dealer, issuer or investor leadership, innovation, initiatives, launches or other inspirational performance are eligible for nomination
  • Power Performers – instances of exceptional dealer, issuer or investor performance
  • Investor Solutions – notes or series of notes that addressed investor needs in a ground-breaking way, whether the biggest deals of the year or smaller transactions that seeded new trends
  • Rising Stars – to highlight newly emerging players in any MTN, private placement or structured note category
  • Market Future – to recognise, at mtn-i’s discretion, developments that reshape market infrastructure, processes and/or technology
  • Editor’s Award – to recognise, at mtn-i’s discretion, market achievements that go beyond other categories

The diary fills up quickly so please let us know when suits you and your team for a call.

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