2015 - Agenda

Americas Structured Note Showcase & Awards

Our ALL NEW Interactive
Showcase Format!

Your feedback has told us you love our content and you also love the opportunity to network with each other at our showcases, so to maximise both we’ve come up with a new “round table” interactive showcase format!

No more sitting alone classroom style! Instead we invite you to share the showcase and interact from a table of your chosen guests or host, enjoying waiter service and plenty of time to interact with your table teammates around each showcase topic.

As we progress through each presented idea, challenge, opportunity and solution facing the market and investors, you will get a time-out to discuss with your tablemates and feed back into the conversation and debate via your chosen spokesperson.

Presentations will last 20 minutes, table breakout discussions 15 minutes, and the roundtable round-up and debate – 15 minutes.

We think it will be a lively, engaging, entertaining, interactive way to spend the day exploring ideas that generate discussions with your clients or dealers and hopefully generate understanding and inspiration that leads to business.

From the impact of the global plunge of bond yields into negative returns and the unintended consequences for US debt investors, to the very latest product solutions for low yields, flat curves and record high equities, our programme is packed with inspirational ideas, challenges, opportunities and solutions for investors all supported by mtn-i’s powerful research platform. And as ever it’s an event sponsored by and attended by the biggest names in the business!

You can join a table organised by one of our sponsors, or you can sponsor your own table and invite six to eight clients, colleagues or prospective clients to join you! Contact ross@mtn-i.com for further details.

There will be a prize for the table voted best contributor to the day!


Download a printer friendly Agenda PDF here.

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