Across the Asia-Pacific region booming investor demand continues to embrace an ever-broader array of credits, products and currencies in MTNs and private placements.

Here at mtn-i we’re searching once again for the deals, dealers, issuers, investors, investor solutions, innovations and landmarks that will star in our Asia-Pacific and Uridashi Showcase and Awards this October.

While the region’s capital pools deepen and diversify, appetite for socially-responsible and green initiatives is also changing issuer and investor behaviour.

Moreover, fintech innovations are poised to change how issuers, dealers and investors interact!

With your engagement we will produce another set of inspirational and informative events for you and your clients.

So pitch us!

  • Your Deals
  • Your Investor Solutions
  • Your Rising Stars
  • Your Dealers of the Year
  • Your Issuers of the Year
  • Your growth stories and trends
  • Your visions for how Asia’s private debt markets – including Uridashis – will evolve!

PITCH DEADLINE: 9th August 2019

Book your pitch call / meeting at or +44 (0) 20 7437 1331.

Click here for more details on how to pitch.

Save the dates to celebrate:
2nd Uridashi Awards: 3rd October 2019, Tokyo
10th APac Showcase & Awards: 10th October 2019, Hong Kong

We are currently running a 10% early-bird discount on all bookings.
Email to book your table now!

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