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Time to think about the Asia-Pacific & Uridashi Awards…

Nominations open next month for our
10th Asia-Pacific Awards & 2nd Uridashi Awards!

Which Deals, Dealers, Issuers, Investors and Rising Stars deserve recognition?

Send your nominations for both awards in Word, PDF, Powerpoint or email format. Term sheets, data submissions and other supporting material, while not essential, are welcome.

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NOMINATIONS OPEN: 24th June 2019
PITCH DEADLINE: 9th August 2019

Book your pitch call / meeting at or +44 (0) 20 7437 1331.

Save the date to celebrate:
2nd Uridashi Awards: 3rd October 2019, Tokyo
10th APac Showcase & Awards: 10th October 2019, Hong Kong

A Big Thank You from us at mtn-i

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Meet these manufacturers in Miami
April 2020!

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Innovation and Inspiration!

It’s true you did miss the less than perfect weather that drove this year’s 13th Americas Structured Note Showcase & Awards indoors from our usual poolside location.

We hope you agree that it couldn’t dim the enthusiasm, innovation or inspiration that delegates, speakers and award winners brought from 40 leading institutions.

A turn-out that included every leading US and Canadian manufacturer and issuer from Barclays to the World Bank, plus key wire-houses, broker dealers and financial advisors.

Structure Tech Stars!

For the first time we themed the event ‘Structure Tech!’ to embrace how technology is reshaping the industry and demand, and is emerging as an investment theme in itself.

SIMON, HALO and LUMA senior execs revealed the impact they are having on market growth and investor penetration.

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Pitch Stars!

Our 10 Pitch Stars also explored the theme including legal and regulatory perspectives as well as rapidly growing investor demand for tech related underlyings themselves and top market trends, Monetizing Volatility, Light Rate Structures, Complex Rate Structures. Buyside incites included the investing behaviour of top athletes!

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Out of His Box!

And strategist, mtn-i contributor, Bloomberg Prophet and CNBC star Mark Grant opened the showcase with his views on the investor opportunities that 5G brings and some fascinating perspectives on the impact of Brexit on England Law securities issued throughout the Eurozone and the Fed‘s recent behaviour.

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Get Investing Tech!

Demand for Structured Notes linked to Tech underlyings have surged over the last five years, peaking in 2018/19. And just 7 stocks account for most of that demand!

Want the full story? Get a copy of Investing Tech, our exclusive analysis of US retail demand for tech stocks, available to all mtn-i subscribers and qualifying new trial users. Click here

Trending Structures!

mtn-i’s Americas Editor, Ed Clark explored the Top 10 yield themes that drove more deals than any other and the focus of our 2019 Award recognitions.

Don’t miss the trends that driving double digit market growth in 2018/19 including the use of AI and the revolution in the digital platform space. Get it now! Click here

Awards Night!

JP Morgan‘s Asuka Nakamura and Shane Meyer receiving mtn-i’s 2019 Americas Manufacturer of the Year Award at the Awards Night Dinner.

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The World Bank‘s Senior Financial Officer, Akinchan Jain, mtn-i America’s 2019 Issuer of the Year.

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Structure Tech! Tops Structured Americas Agenda!

Structure Tech! Is the headlining theme of the agenda for mtn-i’s 13th Americas Structured Note Showcase and Awards – just 10 days away at the Four Seasons, Miami on April 4th.

And rightly so because Structure Tech is reinventing every step of structured investing from note conception to post trade investor relations. It’s creating new underlying and payoff opportunities and the biggest range of underlying access and risk / reward scenarios to the tech sector itself! And with the on-boarding of every major manufacturer to multi-issuer platforms the entire market is set to be catalysed by digitisation.

Structure Tech is an unmissable exploration of the future for manufacturers, issuers, distributors, FAs, RIAs and private wealth managers.

Top executives from HALO and LUMA (including LUMA Founder and CEO, Tim Bonacci) will pitch the latest versions of their platforms in our 5 minute Pitch Star sessions and be joined by SIMON to collectively consider digitisation’s expected transformation of the future of structured investments in the The Platform Play-off Panel which follows. And answer your questions!

Nine more of Structured America’s fastest growing structured investment themes are showcased and spotlighted across the rest of the showcase agenda and represented by the executives leading their evolution.

These themes also lead the Awards recognitions we will be celebrating later that night at the 13th Americas Awards Dinner – which will be presented by theme for the first time!

This year’s mtn-i America’s Structured Note Networking Lunch, Afternoon Showcase and Awards Dinner is an unmissable exploration of the future of structured investments for manufacturers, issuers, distributors, custodians, law firms, FAs, RIAs, Private Wealth Managers and Family Offices.

And with 30 leading firms across these categories already signed up to attend – it’s an even bigger networking opportunity – not least because of our infamous tea-time Speed Networking.

What’s more – our unique format is designed to deliver more between lunch and tea time than many conferences achieve across two days – giving you more time to build relationships and opportunities . And weather permitting – you won’t even have to leave the Palm Grove Pool Side to go indoors.

There’s still time to sign up! Email! We look forward to seeing you!

Dress code – Poolside Business-Casual.

And the 2019 Americas Award Winners are…

Volatility Rises, Structures Surge!

mtn-i is excited to announce its 13th Americas Structured Note Awards in a period when volatility across asset classes and rising rates drove the biggest year in a decade for the US structured products market.

New structuring techniques enhanced value for investors, including the use of AI and key consolidations in the digital platform space set the scene for a revolution in distribution and the potential for this market to connect with advisors and investors.

US sales grew 15% to USD65bn as manufactures and distributors delivered an expanded toolbox of solutions to navigate choppy equities, volatile rates and swings in other asset classes that defined the last 12 months.

mtn-i’s mission

mtn-i’s mission to reveal how structured products constantly evolve to meet investor needs in response to market conditions and identify the market’s most relevant themes and growth stories always drives our award decisions.

For the first time we are announcing and presenting our Americas awards grouped by these themes – spotlighting more clearly the range of the market’s solutions and relevance to investors in each case and the firms leading their innovation.

This also highlights which themes are finding the strongest traction with investors as verified by mtn-i’s data.

Digital Distribution & AI Indices

Online distribution platforms have reached a jumping-off point as issuers and dealers scramble to find new and more efficient channels to reach a widening pool of buyers.

The new found independence of SIMON, and its onboarding of the leading manufacturers as equity partners, the continued innovation and independence of HALO, and the consolidation of two of the market’s deepest distribution channels into LUMA, have inspired manufacturers, issuer and advisor to see digital execution and distribution as reaching critical mass in its potential to be powerful force in driving the market’s future – and earning them a collective Editor’s Award.

SIMON is also scooping a Market Futures Award for leading the growing enthusiasm for the online distribution of structured notes and transforming the conversation around multi-issuer platforms.

In the proprietary index space Credit Suisse utilised RavenPack‘s artificial intelligence algorithms to leverage hard and soft data to create the Artificial Intelligence Sentiment Index. The benchmark harnesses the power of ‘big data’ analytics to make sector allocation decisions.

Investors have sought ways to monetize and hedge against volatility in the equity-linked market with overall sales increasing 10% to USD57bn. Helping buyers get a pick-up on the downside UBS led the issuing and distribution of index-linked bear notes while JP Morgan worked with Advisor Asset Management to print a unique stock structure.

The US investment bank’s Manufacturer award also recognises its pioneering of dual-direction worst-of products while BNP Paribas brought a growing number of RIAs to the structured note arena with bespoke solutions.

Meanwhile, Canadian investors looked to stock-linked structures to find returns in a more volatile environment with Bank of Montreal providing the greatest number of tickets to the market.

The rally in US dollar interest rates led to more than a doubling in fixed-rate callables, step-ups and structured floaters, jumping to USD4.5bn. Toronto Dominion built on its strong credit quality and substantial distribution channel to print some of the largest fixed and floating-rate structures seen in recent years to both institutional and retail client.

Corporate credits also found traction in this environment with Incapital providing retail with access to Caterpillar, Ford, General Motors and Verizon while Toyota Motor Finance Corp made its landmark debut outing in the US retail space, issuing USD2bn in IncomeDrive Notes.

Meanwhile, interest rate swap-linked products alongside structures such as range accruals found renewed demand. Bank of America straddled trends in both complex and more lightly structured products, quadrupling its issue volume and landing it a Power Performer Award.

Range accruals returned to the GSE space care of FHLB. Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Stifel Nicolaus all found demand for the re-emergent structure. Barclays led innovation in US dollar CMS pushing a USD20m series of principal-at-risk paper linked to the 10-year rate.

Providing Mexican investors with a solution to falling returns on traditional rate-linked products BBVA opened the market for notes linked to TIIE swaps. An uptick in rates also prompted the appearance of floating coupons in the ELN market with Bank of Nova Scotia pioneering the product in Canada.

As inflation rose investors demanded structures linked to US CPI. Notes on the measure exceeded USD300m for the first time in seven years. Barclays led the growth with multiple structures providing 40% of the market volume.

Greater volatility also birthed new multi-asset solutions to compete against more traditional products. Citi found traction with best-of multi-asset portfolio plays tackling a high degree of market uncertainty.

Credit Agricole has sown the seeds for growth in the bank-issued structured green market leading the way in green products to retail through a series of rate and equity-linked notes while also placing the largest ever FIG US green structure.

Attractive pricing opportunities in oil futures-linked notes fuelled a 13-fold increase in issues. Morgan Stanley, as both an issuer and a dealer, accounts for over 40% of the market.

The World Bank cemented it position as a leader in solutions-focused new structures becoming the only supra active in commodity-linked issues with a unique floating rate, callable, puttable product.

Against increasing competition from a growing number of rivals our House of the Year Awards recognise the strongest performances overall in structured notes across the Americas.

In the US JP Morgan stands as the benchmark against which other names compare themselves growing its business by 10% and gaining market share. Leading volume and innovation in the equity-linked space across structures and underliers, the name is also competitive across asset classes and channels of distribution making it our Manufacturer of the Year.

The World Bank, mtn-i’s Americas Issuer of the Year, spread recognition of its name across institutional and retail clients with a range of structures targeting the US and LatAm.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs has provided leadership in rates, across light and complex structures, while Societe Generale supplied volume and innovation in the 3a2 market. Among broker-dealers Incapital stands out for wide spread distribution of structured products from a range of credits.

CIBC has been spotted at the front of many of the recent trend in Canada’s structured note market including single stock notes on a variety of domestic and foreign underlyings, hybrid index linkers and oil future plays. For its innovation in onshore deals in Mexico and Brazil alongside its third-party structuring Citi wins a Latin American Structurer of the Year Award.

For their overall performances in the US two Canadian names rose to prominence. National Bank of Canada rocketed out of the starting gate with USD800m of ELNs issued while Bank of Nova Scotia expanded its output in equities and rates, bringing in new distribution channels and going toe-to-toe with the biggest names in the third-party space.


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